Many small businesses would love to employ a permanent administrative member of staff but don’t necessarily have the range of tasks to fill in the minimum hours, nor the money to justify them playing solitaire on the computer or updating facebook as they pad out their hours each day.

At Noughts & All we provide a range of secretarial services on a user-pays basis so you don’t have to worry about superannuation, annual leave, sick leave, or endless coffee breaks . We use our own equipment in our own office, based in the Newcastle area, which also eliminates any OH&S concerns you might have.

Word processing of letters, quotes, memos, resumes & even the recreation of an old family recipe book are all examples of the services that Noughts & All can provide remotely on an on-going or project by project basis. Perhaps you have a great idea for a template or form that could be used in-house or by your customers – we can help create this too!

We offer desktop publishing for your newsletters, brochures, &  menus etc as well as managing your databases that are often an undervalued source of information.

Noughts & All ™ can even provide reminder services & handle your travel arrangements so that your focus on growing your business remains your number one priority.