This service is currently unavailable except as part of an extended bookkeeping package.

There’s more to managing small business payroll than transferring funds or perhaps the old school writing of cheques and handing them out to employees on time. You need to keep accurate records, calculate and pay associated taxes, remit superannuation & much much more.

At Noughts & All we can take care of the ‘more’ side of things and simplify the process for small businesses by providing accurate & timely payroll services.

 Specifically Noughts & All provides:

  • Accurate payroll setup of categories & employees
  • Process payroll efficiently
  • Deduct tax at the correct rates
  • PAYG Withholdings Tax
  • Distribute pay slips by email
  • Calculate employee leave balances.
  • Superannuation
  • Reconcile End of Year Payroll & Produce PAYG Payment Summaries
  • Payroll tax
  • Process payroll deductions such as Child Support
  • Annual Workers Compensation Declaration

Once we have established all the essential information into our system, simply pick up the paperwork & email or fax it to Noughts & All in line with your regular payroll processing & we’ll do the rest!

We are a Newcastle based bookkeeping business but can assist small business with payroll Australia wide!


**NB Please note that Noughts & All does not take the place of a Human Resources expert when it comes to the interpretation of employee awards or agreements. This is strictly a job for the business owner or indeed an outsourced Human Resources expert. Noughts & All will then take the interpretation provided by the expert & create pays based on this.