Is Your Bookkeeper Registered

It pays to check if your Bookkeeper is a registered professional – not only is it illegal for an unregistered bookkeeper to provide some services but it also exposes your own business to a litany of issues. If in doubt, please be aware that registered bookkeepers have access to a symbol as a visual sign that they have the recognised skills and qualifications to be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and provide BAS services. You will find mine at the bottom of this page, along with my registration number which can be cross referenced back to TPB Agent Search Register to check authenticity of our Newcastle based business.

Please read on & make an informed decision about how you run your books.


Nearly a decade after the introduction of the GST, the Tax Practitioners Board was formed to address the issue of sloppy bookkeeping work being performed & submitted to the ATO by unskilled bookkeepers.

Poor understanding of the Goods & Services Tax was a massive problem & industry groups supported the notion that laws needed to be introduced to ensure bookkeepers doing the right thing were recognised as professionals.

 The Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA), which established the Tax Practitioners Board, provides for the registration and regulation of tax agents, BAS agents and tax (financial) advisers, and importantly to protect consumers.

 Now how does it affect you as someone looking at using the services of a bookkeeper for your business?

 It affects you in a positive way because it means you can be assured that your bookkeeper must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board & to do that they must have met a certain eligibility criteria including formal education & experience requirements & be a fit and proper person who is over the age of 18.

At Noughts & All ™ I encourage any new or potentially new clients to ask for a copy of our BAS Agent Registration certificate, details of Professional Association Memberships and of course a copy of our Certificate of Currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If you don’t ask to see these credentials & you end up paying an unregistered bookkeeper a fee for providing any kind of bookkeeping work where GST is concerned you are walking on a minefield. Not only is it illegal but quite frankly it is downright silly. You will not be covered by insurance, & you also have no assurance that they have any idea on what they are doing, or advising you on & that can lead to a very costly lesson – fines, penalties & then the rectification costs to have a suitably qualified professional undo the mess & make it right.

If you are engaging a bookkeeper to do any of the following services then these are classified as BAS Agent related services & your bookkeeper must be registered.

  • Installing computer accounting software without determining default GST and other codes tailored to the client.
  • Coding transactions, particularly in circumstances where it requires the interpretation or application of a BAS provision.
  • Reconciling BAS data entry to ascertain the figures to be included on a client’s activity statement.
  • Coding tax invoices and transferring data onto a computer program for clients under the instruction and supervision of a registered BAS agent.
  • Filling in activity statements on behalf of an entity or instructing the entity which figures to include.
  • General training in relation to the use of computerised accounting software not related to particular fact situations.
  • Preparing bank reconciliations.
  • Entering raw data without involvement in or calculation of figures to be included on a client’s activity statement.
  • Ascertaining the withholding obligations for the employees of a client, including the preparation of payment summaries.

BAS Agent services are tax deductible so don’t be tempted by someone who is offering you a cheaper rate than most – you will pay a much higher price in the end.


TPB_92224003_Colour FYI

BAS Agent Registration Number: 92224 003

Professional Membership with AAT

$1 Million PI Insurance